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Who's Behind

Freddy TSE

Managing Director -


Experience in Market Research: 18 years
Freddy has set up and overseen various quantitative and tracking studies including banking, FMCG, telecommunications, liqueur, pharmaceutical products, personal care products, and QSR.

Freddy is a sophisticated moderator; he has conducted over 2,500 focus groups across HK, China (more than 20 cities) and Taiwan.

His research skills are all-rounded with rich experience in concept development researches, market entry studies, product tests, price tests, advertising concepts and packaging design evaluation studies.He has helped clients develop, monitor and rejuvenate their brands in both China, and Hong Kong.


Simon LAU

Partner -


Experience in Market Research: 14 years
Simon has conducted various researches including focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, ethnographic studies, ad concept tests, customers satisfaction surveys, branding researches, communication tracking studies and online researches.

The clients include pharmaceutical, banking, financial institutions, FMCGs, airlines and semi-government bodies in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, India, and the U.A.E. He is also the pioneer of online research and has developed a variety of online research tools, enabling clients to gather customer feedback in a cost-effective way.

Simon graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Statistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master Degree in Online Journalism from the Nottingham Trent University in the U.K.